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Tuesday, June 5, 2007

The B 36 Peacemaker

The following post is displaying the B 36 Peacemaker, my personal favorite aircraft. Built in the brief era between WWII and the introduction of jet powered bombers it served as a deterrent against Soviet aggression. The plane who inherited its role is the still serving B 52.
To get an idea of this planes immense size and the leap forward it represented take a look at this photo displaying it next to it's predecessor the B 29.

A lot of crew both in the air and on the ground were required 24-7 to keep the planes on constant guard.

To gain grater thrust a pair of jet engines where mounted on each wing, totaling the engines to 10!
Early American hydrogen bomb design. The primary load of the B-36
An uppgraded fully jet propelled version was built the YB 60, but the USAF decided to go with the B 52 when a new bomber for SAC was chosen this plane newer saw active service.
Photographs are courtesy U.S. Navy and U.S. Federal Government.

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